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2good.pk Online Shopping In Pakistan

About Us


Amazingstore.pk is the pioneer Online Shopping in Pakistan, a well known brand in the e-commerce industry. We are the first e-commerce portal, when there was no one to serve the audience and we bought convenience in the lives of our countrymen. We are working as a team for long time to provide you the best quality goods at your door step. We specialized in various technological and innovative products, which are toys, home decoration accessories, camera, kitchen utensils and accessories, home accessories, watches. We have revolutionized the online shopping in Pakistan with our products and offering. We are glad to introduce the innovative and inventive goods to the Pakistan society for very first time, and served our customers while catering their basic needs. We not only focus on our products, but the customer service creates a great amount of trust among customer over a period of time.

Customer Support:

Amazingstore.pk is working with dedicated customer support staff in order to provide our audience clear and concrete information within a minimum time span. We care for our customers, and every single customer feels like a family while dealing with us.


Amazingstore.pk is one stop shopping solution for our country people. We are providing many products every day to our customer base. Our major products that people orders regularly include toys, home decoration accessories, camera, kitchen utensils and accessories, home accessories, watches and etc. Our service does not stop here; we are providing discount deal offers on daily basis as well.


Amazingstore.pk not only facilitates the audiences in urban areas or huge populated cities, but we cater the general public from rural areas and provide them the best shopping experience. Our reach is not limited to few cities, but our network is widely spread all over Pakistan. Even we cover FATA and other tribal regions to provide them the best of experience dealing with 2good.pk


We at amazingstore.pk are also the pioneer in introducing cash on delivery ease for our customers. We never stick to a single solution when it comes to serve our customers; in fact we have provided them with the number of ways to simplify shopping experience online. We revolutionized online shopping in Pakistan with our various payment models, which are as follows: Cash on Delivery, Online Bank Transfer, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash


Yes, we are using different models to receive payments from our customers and creating more simplicity with the passage of time. Adding more to it, we are glad to announce that amazingstore.pk is also dealing with international customer base and adding happiness to the life of our countrymen.


Along with all the distinct features, we are promoting green shopping in Pakistan. We are providing a new paradigm to the Pakistani people and allowing them to get the best deal comparing prices and features of different products without getting tired. Our customers need not to face any traffic hustle and bustle in order to shop with us. It provides the feeling of calmness to the customers and provides them with the best experience.